Russian Spies

Idiosyncratist fans

The Idiosyncratist is an American blog written by someone who is not politically active and intends to stay that way.

Lately, to my surprise, the website has picked up a following in Russia.

I learned this by happenstance. On a free moment one day, I studied where my readership originated, by country. And there, after the majority U.S. contingent and well ahead of the numbers from any other country, were the Russians.

I realized that one post, Trump’s Ties, had piqued curiosity in Putin-land. My guess is that the Russian government’s web crawlers were looking for information about Donald Trump’s “ties,” perhaps to narcotrafficantes or international banking cartels.

In fact, the story was about neckties. I honestly doubt that Russian haberdashers flocked en masse to the internet on one particular day to research American politicians’ fashion taste, which would be a mistake in any event.

The next day, I posted a critique of DJT’s business attire, Trump’s Suits, which provoked a another flurry of interest in Russia.

To this day, the Idiosyncratist retains a small group of loyal Russian readers. Like all others, they are welcome, but my guess is that my blog will not provide the type of information they seek.



At the moment, my French followers outnumber the Russian ones on some days, and the Russians outnumber the French on others. I suspect my French readers appreciate my savoir vivre, and I am grateful for their support.

I do not research individual readers. All are welcome, and all are accorded privacy. (That includes you, Vlad.)

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