A Thanksgiving Wish

This is a day to be grateful for friends, family and the comforts we enjoy.  But there are many people suffering the effects of two major hurricanes, two weeks apart, in November.  If you believe that all men are brothers, you might consider a contribution to relief agencies that are now active in the region.  

Two major hurricanes, Eta and Iota, lashed Central America earlier this month.  The Guardian, a serious  English newspaper, has a retrospective here and links to previous stories at the bottom of the article.  

The problems:  heavy flooding, landslides, hundreds of deaths, many thousands of families whose homes were destroyed and further destruction to economies already damaged by the pandemic.  Additionally, people crowding into shelters have increased the spread of Covid.

These three agencies get high marks for efficient management from Charity Navigator and are on the ground already in Central America.

Doctors without Borders 

Catholic Relief Services

World Vision

A fourth agency, the  Red Cross is unrated.  Its downside is its large bureaucracy, but that is also an upside:  The Red Cross has teams all over the world and decades of  experience alleviating all manner of human turmoil. 

Further photos from Central America this month, all from Reuters:

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