I went to sleep early last night and woke very early.  Happens sometimes.

The light will come up soon on the West Coast, and a member of the local methamphetamine community is bellowing a common phrase using the F-word (a communication fetish of the group) on the public path not far from here.  He and his fellows often tweak and roam the streets during the dark hours to protect their possessions from theft.

It was worse a few weeks ago when several members of the tribe pitched camp in the visitors’ parking lot of the building across the way.   As usually happens, the group relocated after the police dropped by a few times.

Two Hours Later

Full daylight, and a man downstairs is yelling.  “Get out of here!”  “You don’t belong here!” “I’m calling the police!”

I walk to the end of the hallway, and see an older woman on her phone at the back entrance.  She is calling the police.  “I opened the door, and he rushed past me.”

Someone in the downstairs apartment near the door sends a message:   “If you see a tall homeless looking man that is half dressed walking around our complex please know that he is not supposed to be here.”

A few minutes later we are told the intruder has left the building.

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